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This 2019 Bayliner Element E16 combines a stunning design, familiar automotive-style handling, and class-leading stability and safety features.  Plus, it has the power and comfort features to get you to the fun spots and enjoy every minute.   With a 75hp Mercury, its responsive handling and impressive speed, you can effortlessly navigate through the water […]


This Harris Hurricane 226 runs great and has plenty of room for all your family. The nice thing about this deck boat is its versatility, it has a Volvo Penta 250hp engine so it can handle a lot of water sports easily. The layout of the interior accommodates plenty of space for your whole family […]

2021 BAYLINER DX2050

This 2021 Bayliner DX2050 is your gateway to endless adventures and unforgettable memories with family and friends and experiencing the joys of boating to the fullest.  It’s sleek, stylish, and offers a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and versatility, making it the ideal choice. There’s ample seating for you and your family and friends, ensuring […]


If you’re looking for a deck boat, look no further! If you’re looking for big room in small versatile boat who is also a stickler for high quality, this is it. This Sunesta 216 is definitely worth a look and you will probably be taking it home. The bow seating area is where you can […]

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At RPM Sports, we take pride in offering the best quality and affordable deck boats to our valued customers. We understand that finding a deck boat that meets both your budget and high-quality standards can be a challenge, but we strive to make the boat buying experience easier and more enjoyable for you.

When it comes to quality, we partner with reputable boat manufacturers known for their commitment to craftsmanship and durability. We carefully select deck boat models that are built with premium materials and advanced construction techniques, ensuring that they are built to last. Our extensive inventory includes deck boats from trusted brands renowned for their expertise in the marine industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and believe in providing you with reliable and well-built deck boats that you can enjoy for years to come.



When you choose RPM Sports for your deck boat purchase, you can expect exceptional customer service throughout the entire buying process. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team is dedicated to understanding your needs and preferences. We will take the time to listen to your requirements, answer your questions, and guide you toward the deck boat that suits your lifestyle and budget.

We also believe in providing comprehensive after-sales support. Our service department is staffed with skilled technicians who can assist you with routine maintenance, repairs, and any other service needs you may have. We want to ensure that your deck boat continues to perform at its best and remains in excellent condition for years to come.

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We pay attention to every single detail to provide top quality to our customers and here is what they say about it

Owners were wonderful. Went to buy a good used boat in good shape but not high priced. Set us up with a better boat and spent a little bit more money, but a better deal. They were willing to work with us with our finances to get the payments we wanted. Highly recommend anyone looking for a boat to go to RPM Sports.

Norma Wilson

Hands down, the very best dealer I have ever delt with. In person, they make buying a boat very easy and over the phone, too. I live over 5 hours away and when I got there to look at the boat I was interested in it seemed like I had known them my whole life. They treat you like a friend not just another customer. Had all my paperwork dont prior and made for a smooth transition.The guys in the shop had lots of knowledge and would answer every question I had. Thank you so much Pat and Laura.


The BEST buying experience we have ever had. They were patient and made everything so easy. Every single person that works here made us feel like family and made this boat buying experience amazing. Highly recommend.

Brittney McKnight

I actually dealt personally with a Craigslist Scammer- he was even brazen enough to hand me a counterfeit check. Thankfully, I called the bank to verify funds before we hooked him up to the trailer. I should have called RPM first!


I was certain that my diligence and attention to detail was going to pay off easily, until I arrived at my boat storage facility and for the second time was greeted with a much bigger mechanical problem than I could handle on my own. No sweat for RPM – I should have entrusted my boat sale to them sooner! Next time I will ONLY use them.


In a ‘Blonde Moment’ I posted the address of where my boat was being stored along with my contact information… the boat was recovered, my confidence in selling it alone was not. RPM made me feel so comfortable and truly they cared for my boat much better than I could have.


I have sold 12 cars in my life time. One boat sale with all the paperwork involved was more complicated than all the cars put together!


Absolutely amazing experience with RPM Sports! The RPM family makes you feel right at home and was extremely helpful in selling my boat! I highly recommend and will be purchasing my next boat from them!!!

T. Burkett

I brought my boat to RPM Sports last year to sell. They were very knowledgeable about boats and got my boat all shined up, it looked new again. I was tempted to buy it myself, haha. But they got me more then I was originally asking for it myself. Can't beat that. But now being without a boat and summer coming soon, I have boat fever. Today I went to RPM Sports again. With them offering a warranty on used boats, I won't buy anywhere else. I'm now hoping to be on the lake again this week! Thanks RPM, you have a customer for life!

Julia Adams 777

Great group of people, easy purchase

George Vedevere

Pat and Laura made it a great boat buying experience. Very helpful.

R. Richardson

Great experience to test drive a boat before buying. Pat was great with showing us some tips being first time boat owners. Also warranty for a year is great. We highly rocommend checking out rpmsports.

Stephanie Mandoza

RPM Sports sold our boat for us. Very happy with the service and the girls in the office are great! Will be sending our friends to them to buy a boat next!

Neil and Barbara Scott

I spent more than a couple Saturday’s wasting money and my valuable time trying to sell this boat on my own- until I was told about RPM Sports. I could have saved both by knowing about these guys in the first place! So glad I found them.


I thought that appearance alone was the most important aspect of getting a buyer’s attention. I spent so much time trying to keep my boat nice. Hours and hours over weeks and weeks. If I had just taken it to RPM Sports from the beginning, I would have saved myself time, hassel, and stress- I wish that I had. And yes, they did a better detail job as well. WHO KNEW?


I had no idea how exhausting it is to ‘simply’ get my boat in the water for 10 minutes at a time! Even the best pictures are never enough for someone who may not buy your boat after all.


Selling my boat became a nightmare! I actually “sold “ my boat only to find out it was not a legal transaction. I was completely unaware there is a legal process when selling boats. I turned it over to RPM Sports, who handled everything seamlessly. And I didn’t get sued!


I went to look at boats and everyone was like family at this place. Pat was very knowledgeable and made it easy and fun to learn about boats! Not only do they sell boats but made the experience worth the visit! I highly recommend this place if your wanting to sell your boat or buy one! I haven’t found anyone who would do so much and charge so little. No commission fees like other places charge and they have financing, insurance and a 1 year warranty comes with the boats he sells. Other places I visited didn’t offer a warranty and just wanted me to spend high dollar on a new boat. The one thing I noticed the most was the boats were beautiful and maintained. Thanks to my friend Joe who told me about this business.

Austin Lykins

Amazing Experience with RPM Sports. I had tried to sell my 2015 Chaparral through other sources and on my own for the past year. Pat and Laura made the process so easy. They truly had my boat looking brand new, almost too good, I considered keeping it myself.

Mark Sheck

Great experience and laid back atmosphere. Will definitely be going back whenever I upgrade my boat.


EXTREMELY HAPPY with the boat Pat put me in!! Reasonably priced, looks brand new and the whole experience was hassle free!

Kasey Terrant

I felt as if I was ‘missing the boat’ by not being available to speak to, much less show my boat to, potential buyers. RPM acted as a concierge on my behalf and my boat sold at the original asking price! What a relief.




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