"QRS", three of the most important letters in buying a boat. They will save you money and provide you with tons of fun and years of dependability. They stand for Quality Rating Score. It's like a report card you received when you were a kid in school. A's and B's were good but C's or worse, were not. Most of our boats are A's or higher. And we usually make the B boats into A's. Some clear to A++. We sell "Honor Roll" boats! We let the other dealers have the C's or worse, they have to make money, too.

"QRS" is a culmination of several factors. These factors are age, name recognition, condition, hours, maintenance, quality of boat structure, wear and tear and performance. A high QRS rating means you are getting the very best. A high rating also is helpful in great financing. A high QRS rating will have a strong affect on a term and interest rate making the boat cheaper to pay on. So remember, if you go shopping for a boat at another dealer, be sure to ask for the QRS rating of their boats. You'll be surprised how many dealers will stutter.

Always shop for a high quality boat. There are so many lower quality boats on the market, it's easy to fall for one and then later figure out what happened. They don't hold up well, either in usage or resale value. You could quickly be upside down in the value of the boat meaning you paid too much. You are going to invest so get your money's worth. Also make sure you get a warranty. RPMSPORTS provides warranties, insurance and financing. WE ARE THE VERY BEST!