Try Before you Buy!

If everything we purchased in life came with a "try before you buy" policy, Life would be so much better. We would always be glad about our purchases.

RPMSPORTS is directly located near beautiful Lake McQueeney, so test drives are super easy and try-before-you-buy is great. We can have you on the water in about 10 minutes. Dealers in big cities don't want to take 4- 5 hours for a test drive so they don't offer it and they won't do it. 

RPMSPORTS believes in try before you buy. Every qualified buyer gets to test drive before any paperwork is done. It's just like buying a car, we want to make sure you like it, after all, it's a big investment. Unlike most boat dealers, RPM will not pull your credit until you are sure. It can be very damaging to your credit score. RPMSPORTS makes sure you are 100% happy before any legal documents are formed.

 The man in this pic has purchased in a row his third boat from us. He's happy with our service.

We know you're a smart buyer so come to us first. Why deal with a bunch of B/S and the whole time not sure that it is the perfect boat for you and your family. We make sure!