Nothing worse than going down the ramp launching or loading the boat and have the bolster boards turn loose, break and if it's not found, punching a hole in the bottom. Our trailers make sure that wont happen.

All ALUMINUM! NO STEEL! Never rust, no rot, no paint fade, no bolts!

RPM Trailers are 100% custom built, no adjustments, no wood. The boat hull sets on padded aluminum channel made to fit the bottom. This means you will never have to replace rotten wood or worn carpet.  Everything is welded and fit to the boat. So precise we must have the boat to fit to. Beautiful chrome like finish makes for a "show" effect, great for boat shows or boats that really deserve to be shown off. Afterall, the trailer is just as important as the boat right?

No they arent cheap, but remember what the other trailers cost with wood that rots, bolts that come lose and adjustments that dont stay or wont adust properly. Or how about damage to your boat? More than realized, damage is done all the time to the bottom from a poorly designed and poorly built trailer.  Is that what you paid for when you purchased the cheap one? They are the ones that determine the prices. You have to spend more to get better. Order it like YOU want. Why pay for something you dont want?

If you buy a boat from RPMSPORTS, you get the best. That's all there is to it! Remember "IT DONT GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS!"