My DAD lived by one rule."Where there's a will, there's a way. I have the will so I'll find a way". That's determination! That's my belief, too.

 I've been in the boating industry for 54 years. I sold my first boat, a Correct Craft when I was 13. That was before they started building fiberglass boats. It was the very first time I'd ever seen a Hundred Bill.

My background is in boat repair, design, boat manufacturing, testing new and used sales. I started out as a little kid loving to design and build, of course, nothing more than toys.  Now I’m a big kid and still building toys, at 66 years young.  My boys and I live on the lake with hot performance ski boats and my gorgeous wife (who updates this site) fits in well with her heavy foot, too.  She loves fast cars, fast boats and me.  All together we make a family of performance enthusiasts on the water and off.  We build toys! Our motto is "IT JUST DONT GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS." Give us a call about our toys.

We believe in high-quality workmanship and always strive to produce the best.  I can promise you, that our work no matter what it is we do, will be something you are proud to own.     

RPMSPORTS offers unbeatable finance.  A smart buyer shops financing rates, terms, and payment.  What always happens is they come to me and say “You are right, yours is the best”. 

Nowhere but RPMSPORTS can you get the excellence that we offer. For example, all of our used boats have a one to five year warranty available.  NOBODY OFFERS WARRANTIES ON A USED BOAT.....ONLY RPMSPORTS.  That’s a promise!  NEW BOATS from RPM by BOSS HP are built so well, it comes with a 5 year hull warranty.  That's how much we trust the quality of any BOSS HP boat we sell.  Give us a call or email us if you want the very best and we will make sure you get the very best.  Place your order now and start having fun on the water. RPMSPORTS has guaranteed unbeatable financing for painless monthly payments.

                     Call Today 830-865-3251 or email: pat@rpmsports.com