You know when you were young and saw a really attractive girl, you thought you would like to know her or maybe ask her out? But when you do, you find out she's not what you hoped for. We see people doing the same thing with buying boats. We just make sure that our very nice beautiful boats will fit your needs for a long time, like a great girlfriend or wife.

Both buyers and boat dealers only look at the surface, not what's under the hood so to speak meaning the function, design and intended purpose. All three are very important to enjoying a day on the lake with family and friends. The professional salesmen at the big boat dealers are taught to sell you whatever it is you think is pretty. The rule is if you walk up to a particular boat more than once, that's the one they will try to sell you. You dont know jack about it, but it's pretty. Better watch out because the salesman couldnt care less about your needs, but just what you like. When you go to the lake with your boat and it wont do the job, who's fault is that? The salesman's.... and you let it happen because you were never taught about boats. It's not your fault because you werent told better and you probably dont know that much about boats. 99% of people we sell to dont know jack about a boat so they come to us for guidence. All you know is you would like to have one for fun on the lake with your family and friends.

We dont do that here at RPMSPORTS. We question you and get a strong sense of what you want and what kind of boating you see yourself and your family doing. From that we try to put you into the right boat for YOUR PURPOSE. I can promise you that we know what we are talking about and wont mislead you. We will teach you about the boat as well, even show you how to operate it. RPMSPORTS IS THE VERY BEST and truly cares what you buy.