According to the latest news, the Guadalupe Blanco River Athority (GBRA), has announced as of September 16th 2019, Lake McQueeney will be drained for a time period called "Indefinitely" which virtually has no meaning of time. You can go to this article by ExpressNews.  However it does mean that roughly almost one billion dollars in waterfront real estate will dwindle away to nothing in value. The new lake level will be back to the original creek bed level of the 1920's.

The Guadalupe river beginning in 1930, when the dam was completed became known as Lake McQueeney starting at the base of the Dunlap Dam. The lake is a small one but so so popular. The main reason is it is a constant level lake only varying one or two inches. Most of the real estate on the lake is owned by Houston people who have fondly called Lake McQueeney "Houston's Shangrala". Houston is roughly 160 miles from the lake. 

GBRA is in charge of the lake's 90 year old dam and decided over ten years ago not to maintain the dams in this chain of lakes so failure was eminent  This year the Lake Dunlap dam failed losing all of its water causing devestation to all the fish, waterfronts, cypress trees, etc. In only a few months all the cypress trees are showing suffering due to lack of water and at some point will fall over due to their massive size.

In order for GBRA to rid themselves of the responsibility, they are selling each dam for $1.00. They claim they dont have the money to repair the failing structures while at the same time spending millions on a new office building. Makes a lot of sense????

Law suites will shirley occur ranging from business failures on the lake and off, real estate agencies being sued selling property on the lake, plumeting property values, taxing intity fights with property owners. I expect large enviromental groups will address the damage done to wildlife including birds of many types who feed from the water and all natural vegetation which is home to all the breeds of fish that of course will die. One can only fathom the onslaught of damage to the entire area as time passes. Rumor has it that an injunction  to hault the lowering of the water has been filed. We need help to fight this and cure our dam issues! Spread the word to all authoritative people please.