Financing, Insurance & Warranty

Finance and Insurance

No brag, just fact. RPM's finance and insurance beats everyone's 99.9% of the time. And that's pretty much guaranteed! Everytime we sell a boat we have our buyers comparison shop so we know it's true. And we take care of it before you leave. It's so simple. Buy a boat from RPMSPORTS AND GET IT ALL!

If you’re looking for an extremely nice preowned boat or rv, look no further.  RPM only sells nice high quality boats and rvs of all brands.  All of RPMs boats and rvs are QRS graded insuring you are buying the best.  No one can compete with our financing programs… banks and no credit unions.  In fact most of the time, they don’t come close.  Our complete finance package always turns out better than anyone's.
We have a nice size enventory so selection should be easy. If we don’t have the perfect boat in stock for you, we can help you find it or if you’ve found it already, we can still provide the same great financing for you.  Just call us today at 830-865-3251 and we’ll take it and run for you.  Competitive interest rates and unbelievable terms make a payment small.  It’s really worth giving us a call.

Looking to finance a Boat or RV?  You're at the right place...or a click away:  Apply Here


RPMSPORTS provides unbeatable insurance on your new purchase along with our great financing. We make sure you get the best coverage, too, not just the run of the mill. We want you to be covered the correct way so if you ever have a claim, you will be well protected. We can also provide coverage for your house and cars as well. Check us out and see if you can get the discounts for bundling it all together. I bet we beat everyone!





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