JUDGES SAY IT EVERYTIME! "IT'S SOOOO RISKY TO BUY FROM AN OWNER." Its your money. Do you want to risk it?

Yes, upfront you may save some money but usually most end up spending money on fixing whatever is or went wrong with it and repairs are more than they saved on the purchase. Dont forget the down time and the frustation. Sellers dont know much about a boat and they dont give warranties. Wouldnt you want a warranty? So in the long run, where was the savings?? What's worse is where's the enjoyment?

Since I've been selling for half a century, the one story that never changes is the story of buying a boat from an individual. Way way more horror stories than happy ones. People dont know that much about boats verses their car or truck. Boats set so much of the time and people really don't take good care of them and really don't know how. What's worse is, so many dealers do a really poor job of educating the customer and servicing the customer's boat. Every boat I get in here for sale has not been serviced thoroughly and is completely open for failure to occur.  You don't want that. We go through each boat thoroughly and make sure you get a perfect boat.

What's really bad is most owners say after the sale "not my problem", after you buy it. Buyers either pay a lawyer to recoup their money or pay thousands in repair. Either way, it wasnt a great deal and was a very unpleasant experience. Because of this, we make sure the boat is 100% ready to go before you take delivery. We have unbeatable financing, unbeatable insurance and the only dealer to give up to a 5 year warranty. Do you think an individual will do any of this for you? So really is it worth taking the risk. Do you really want to risk it? Our motto is...