The cure/answer! A new/used boat from RPMSPORTS. The virus is very scary and is really changing our everyday life. But we have the answer.

Spring is here folks! This means great weather and free open air on the water. Boats are theeee perfect family activity.

Here is a list of why:

1. No confinement. You and the kids can go do something outside away from everyone (social distancing).

2. Fresh Air....AWHHH.

3. The Sun......AWHHH.... ultraviolet kills virus.

4. Relaxation from all the stress in the world. The family is happy. No more arguing, fighting or internet buffering.

5. NO virus anxiety.

6. Great excercise, the kind that's fun. You need a boat NOW to give the kids a treat because school is out for the year. I can promise that the kids will be good all week if you promise to go to the lake over the weekend.

We are putting together some very creative financing that makes buying a boat ever so painless along with insurance and up to a two year warranty. "IT JUST DONT GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS"

Here's the latest. The cure is working!

Between the actual medicines and buying a boat, around here, the number of illnesses are lowering. So keep it up folks. Go run those boats, get some sun and have a blast!