They should say "Order Please". Most boat dealers and service techs are that dumb.

It always amazes me how there are so many boat dealers and virtually none of them do a thorough job on repairing your boat. Heck, when you look to purchase a new or used boat from one, they don't bother to tell you the very best way to take care of your expensive purchase. All they seem to care about is "ringing the cash resister".

We just took in a late model (09') boat to sell that a dealer in Floresville, TX had just finished installing for the customer, a new 4.3V6, due to a freeze crack. The customer forgot to drain it. Ok, so accidents happen. This dealer charged the customer $7,000.00 which should only have been about $4,000.00. The customer brings me the boat to sell for him and guess what? I would have to say that in my 54 years experience in the boating industry, that I have never seen a more sloppy and halfassed job. The rear motor mounts were missing three parts each, and of course the engine was out of alignment. The front motor mounts were still loose, (both sides) exhaust manifold to head bolts were never tightend (remove with fingers), no plug installed in oil pan where crank sensor would go, oil drain tube leaking, rear main one piece seal leaking, etc. Should I continue on with the problems we found? How about the filler hose to the gas tank that was left completely loose? On top of this, we are questioning the newness of the engine; looks more like a used one since the rust was as prevelant as the paint. The dealer said they purchased it from Donavon, but Donavon does not show a record of this engine.

The customer is a really nice man and doesn't seem to be too upset although I told him I would not represent this boat in our sales line up unless he agreed to make it right. 

Please be careful when dealing with service providers or dealers, that they are not burger fippers in disguise. Make sure they are thorough and experienced.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, especially when it's a big ticket item. The boating season is here and you don't want to end up with it in the shop when it is supposed to be in the water tied up at your favorite spot. If you need advice or another opinion, feel free to call us at 830-865-3251. Ask for Pat. He'll do you right Of course, this is about boats and not burgers. I promise my next blog won't be about burgers.

BOATS NEED TLC. #2 Keep your boat like you keep your car or truck. Like your wife, boats need TLC too, more so than a car. Don't cover them (sort of) or neglect them mechanically. You will pay dearly for it later. Keep it out of the sun and well ventilated for protection from mildew. A breathable full covering boat cover is the best. Dont forget to use 303 protectant from mildew on all the vinyls and plastic surfaces. Compound, polish, sealer glaze and wax the gel coat surface to seal it from stains and mildew as well. When it comes to sell or trade, it will possibly draw as much as it sold for new. 


Finally, the long awaited season has arrived. All of nature's colors are fresh and vivid. How about your boat? Is it fresh and vivid? Get that baby ready to go, time's awaste'n people! Give it a bath, a good polish job, charge the battery and fill the tank.

Before you take it to the water, put it on the hose and make sure everything works right. Check the oil, fire it up and check for proper temperature. If it's a little warm, probably should have the impellor replaced before the trip to the lake. Check the tires, wheel bearings, registration, license plate, etc. so it doesn't cost. When everything checks out, go have a blast!

Covid Cure! Yes Spring has Sprung #4

Everyone is sitting inside their house and not out in the open fresh air distancing themselves in a boat! Then they end up drinking the bourbon and hugging the bottle because they are destitute. The way to feel great again is buy a boat. That's all they have to do is buy a boat. We make it so so so so simple! OUR boat sales are all outside and bourbon is not needed. A reeeally smart buyer would take serious advantage of this time and purchase a great boat for penny's on the dollar. Normally we wouldn't be considering giving these boats away but this crap has killed the economy. You are getting FAT and won't be able to get up on your board this summer. So get off the couch, turn the tv off, yes you can bring the bottle with you and come see us. We are on the water so a test drive is super easy. With financing and insurance available on the spot, we can wave bye bye to you with your new purchase all in the same day. Remember "IT JUST DONT GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS".


Sorry to say this to everyone, but  it's so true. Unlike the simple purchasing of a car or truck, you are pretty much "throwing the dice" if you try to buy a boat over the phone or internet. Actually I think you're nuts to try and really crazy to do so. They will come pick you up and take you to the looney farm. Even purchasing a new boat has some risks because boats come equipped with so many varying options, options from the builder and ADD-ON options from the dealer. NADA can not keep up will all of the add ons that are available today for a boat. When it comes to a used boat purchase, no telling what the previous owner has done to his boat or what he has modified. People are not near as familiar with boats as they are with cars and trucks. How in the heck can you try before you buy if you push a button on a vending machine for a boat that is going to drop down ready for you to drive off with? Dont be a fool. Go to a reputable dealer, talk with a salesman and tell them how you are going to boat this summer and let them guide you to the right design boat especially for you and your family. We've been selling boats for 54 years this summer and have learned how people play on the water. And dont buy a boat unless you can test drive it first. RPMSports is directly on the water. Remember "IT JUST DONT NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS".


This season will go down in history. There's not a "summer toy" in the country that hasnt been sold. It has been a phenominal year so far. Just make sure your eagerness to be on the water doesn't overwhelm your common sense in purchasing. It's so important to buy the right boat so you get the "biggest bang for the buck".That means the most amount of enjoyment possible for the dollars you spend. Always buy from a dealer, always buy high quality, always test drive before you buy, always get a warranty, always get "agreed to value" insurance. If you follow these guidelines, you will be happy you did. TRUST ME, because that's what we do.


It has been awhile since our last blog post. It's because this year, boat sales have gone absolutely crazy and we are absolutely worn out. Every boat dealer in the south has sold unprecedented numbers, so many sales that builders and dealers alike have no inventory. So buyers who can not find what they want, turn to buying from individuals. Law suits are running wild because of this unforseen phenomina.

Lawyers are making the coin repping bad boat buying deals. People don't know what they are selling and don't care, lots of scammers, just seeing an opportunity to move their boats and at high prices. The lawyers are filing civil deceptive trade which is equal to 3 times the amount which never gets settled but is a tremendous scare tactic. Or they are filing for repair costs plus fees for things like blown engines, cracked hulls, bad drive systems, etc. I can say that our customers are very happy that they purchased from us because we provide warranties on our boats. Please remember, whether you purchase from us or not, just make sure you buy from a reputible dealer and make sure you get a warranty. You might pay more but peace of mind is priceless!

Just received another really nice Malibu today 07-28-20. The same horror story from the seller as many others have spoke. Keep in mind, this is a $100,000.00 value used boat. This owner has taken pristine care of his boat and it shows it. However, several attempts of selling it on his own has ended up bringing it to us. He lives 250 miles from us. Not to bore you with details, but he got to experience tire kickers, scammers and fraud. He told me yesterday "No More"!


 Winterizing #8.

Looks like the end of a fantastic season. We have never sold so many great boats in one season as we did this year. Met a lot of great people, too. Just wanted to say THANKS TO EVERYONE!

Its almost time to winterize your boat. I want to make sure everyone who owns one takes good care of it over the cold and unpredictable winter months. Dont wait until the last minute....could cost you major  bucks!

Make sure the dealer does a complete and thorough job for you. We find so often the dealers really did a half*** job leaving you with possible problems. So just make sure. It's way way more involved than just draining the block.

I almost forgot. It's a great time,too, to sproose up your boat. Upholstery, gelcoat, engine, etc. "IT JUST DONT GET NO GOODER THAN RPMSPORTS". 830 865 3251


It has been several months since I blogged. I keep feeling like it's not worth it to eduacate ppl about boats when most of them think they know. 

This past February when Texas suffered such a terrible freeze, so many ppl lost their engines because they werent properly winterized. We alway call our customers to bring their boat in for winterization, but there are those out there that know how to do it themselfes or think so. Turns out, a lot of cracked engines out there and it's hell to get the insurance companies to cover freeze damage. They always yell "neglect". And of course many cases are neglect, but there were quite a few that winterized themselves and ended up with the same results...a cracked engine.

The average engine replacement this season ran between 11 and 15 thousand. We are still replacing engines because quick supply ran out. So lots of "smart" ppl out there who decided to winterize themselves ended up with a boat they couldnt use this season. '

All I can say ppl dont screw yourself be doing a halfass job of maintaining your boat. Dont read quick service articles on how to. Just take it to a dealer and get the job done right. So what it costs you some money. Which is better, a little bit now or a whole bunch later. As the saying goes "Pay me now or pay me later". 


And all you ppl out there who purchased a used boat from a private seller and paid too much, over high retail,  should really try to sell it and soon. The covid crisis that caused so much shortage on new boats will be over this fall and your boat will do two things. First become another year older and second lose a ton of value based on NADA book values putting the values back where they should have been. I expect the value of an over priced purchased boat this year will see as much as a 50% drop in value. Imagine that you will lose half the value in less than a year. That's why it needs to be sold now! Always talk to a knowledgable and long time boat business authority before making any decisions. Good luck.


Just found out Lake Placid lost its water. What a shame! No one had any knowledge of its happening. And to make it worse, the lake is not coming back up for at least two years thanks to the incompetance of GBRA. So all those boats hanging in boat houses can not be removed. RPMSPORTS is offering a service for those customers who  are land locked, to take care of their boats with a monthly service. I wont go into detail because it's a lot to cover. But I will say, it is the very best alternative to taking care of your boat. Call us if you live on Lake Placid and care about your boat's future condition.  830 865 3251


It's that time of year again to protect your boat from freeze damage. Too many ppl suffered tremendous loses starting on Valentine's DAy last year, otherwise known as the Valentine's Day Massacre. It kiled a bunch of engines and water systems. Most insurance companies would not pay either. I know here at RPMSPORTS, we did over 150,000.00 in engine replacement. Yes it was great money but on the other hand, it was money out of ppl's pockets who were careless about their boats protection. Dont be foolish this year. The difference in cost of winterizing and engine replacement is tremendous. Call RPMSPORTS TO WINTERIZE. 830 865 3251

Hope everyone winterized. We called all of our customers and the only ones who winterized were the ones that had to replace their engines last year. Imagine that! But so far, this winter has been miled so maybe all you ppl who didnt winterize will squeek by.

RPMSPORTS this year has been installing quite a few fuel injection systems. Now more than ever with fuel skyrocketing, it is extremely benificial to super fine tune your boat so it can get the absolute best fuel econmy possible. Factory tuned engines are a generic tune and not for a particular boat or usage. Get rid of your carburetor and get EFI. We fine tune it to YOUR boat and YOUR usage. Bring it to us and lets check it out. 

UPHOLSTERY FOR YOUR BOAT. We have now the very best upholstery team around. Their work honestly, is higher quality than when the boat was new.....honest! They give a warranty on it as well. Who around does this.....NO ONE! Best time of year to get your interior done is WINTER.



Most important this year is fuel mileage in a boat. Dannng fuel has gotten high. Glad its not going to be long lived. Until then, if you dont have a boat and want one, make sure it is fuel efficient. Jet boats are not at all. Older outboards arent either. However the new 4 stroke outboards are. Not my favorite though because outboards just dont have the low in pulling power which is needed for skiing. However they are very quiet and run smoothly. Overall, the very best bang for your buck is an automotive engine powered boat like a sterndrive. Their ability to get the power to the water is the very best of all boats. The fact that they use a chevy engine, means they have GM engineneers behind them and have reached new heights in fuel economy. With that said, by today's standards, they are the best. Direct drive inboards are the next best although they dont have the top speed capability of a sterndrive or the outboard but they can pull tree stumps out of the ground. So depending on what your focus is, in my opinion for an all around boat, the sterndrive is the best choice for speed, pulling power and most importantly  FUEL MILEAGE. 


#14 The Used Boat Industry Forecast

When looking into buying or selling a boat a common question asked is if now is the right time to take action. To answer this question we will have to look into past trends and see what the future market looks like as well. Going back to 2019 prices were increasing steadily for used boats, which is normal year to year in a good economy. When COVID hit us in 2020, boat demand went through the roof and we saw a massive spike on the price of used boat sales. Boating is a fun activity that is outdoors and allowed families to get out on the water while remaining socially distant. It was perfect for that period of time. This spike continued through 2021 summer because the boating frenzy was still in full power. As 2021 began to close, boat demand dropped a bit but was still more than 10% higher than pre-pandemic sales. As the boating season approached spring 2022, we didn't see the same demand for used boats compared to the previous two years. This trend has continued through 2022 summer. Used boat sales have been down about 20% this year in comparison to last year. The most significant factor for this is that our way of life is coming back to where it was before the COVID Pandemic. People going to the office to work during the week instead of staying home. It's hard to drive home after working all day and trying to make time to get the boat out to the water. In short, there is less time to get out on the water. Also, there are more things to do now then there were in the years prior. Conerts, sports games, festivals, etc. are back in full swing. Although the demand isn't where it was the past few years, it is still 9% higher than it was in 2019. People will always be wanting to be out on the lake, but we don't have the surplus of new boaters like we had experienced. The forecast looks like, along with the rest of the world, it is coming back to normal. The market looks like it has stabilized and prices will start to increase again at a steady rate.

So what does this mean for buyers? For buyers, now is the time to buy. Prices are the lowest they will be. They have come down from the craziness of the past two years, but from here on out prices will start to level out and steadily increase. If you are looking to buy, don't sleep because the best deals are going to be from now until the end of the year. When spring comes back around in 2023, prices will most certainly have increased. 

What does this mean if youre looking to sell your boat? It really depends on when you bought your boat. If you bought your boat in 2020 or 2021 and want to get the price you paid for it, that probably won't happen. For the most part it is because the need isn't at the same place that it was when you purchased it. However, another reason is just because it is a few years older, has more wear now and also more hours. Other than a small handful of boats, most of them depreciate as they age and are used. On the other hand, if you bought your boat in 2019 or before, the price for used boats is now higher than when you purchased your boat. You still have to account for wear,hours and age, but you should stilll get a good price on your boat if you kept it in good condition. 

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to being more active on our blog.