NOTHING BUT THE BEST! BOSS HP builds great shallow water fishing and unbelievable family performance boats. Check them out and place your order for your very own. You can order complete custom built especially custom colors and scheme. Send in your drawing stating colors and scheme. You can have your very own boat built just for you. If you want we will install a plaque in the boat with your name. RPMSPORTS has guaranteed unbeatable finacing so dont wait around. NO NEED TO WAIT!

BOSS HP boats are 100% glass construction meaning ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD as in many many models of boats. Any coring used if not glass is a light weight composite with characteristics designed for each special need meaning some are good for compression, some are good for tensile and some are good for torsional. Most boat builders that do use coring other than wood, find a core that is a general 'do all' not really great at any one need. Because of the intense design structure of all BOSS HP boats BOSS HP gives a 5 year structural warranty to the new boat buyer and an extended lifetime warranty can be purchased from BOSS HP upon inspection of the boat after resale.

Pick out your model, colors, upholsteries, carpet, guages, power and all other add-on equipment and let BOSS HP build YOUR BOAT. Its not one off of a showroom floor somewhere that looks just like another one off the showroom floor. It's yours and only yours. After all, you're the one paying for it right?

Get upbeatable financing when you buy a BOSS! RPMSPORTS pretty much guarantees it. We prove it over and over because we offer the best!

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