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YAMAHA AR190       QRS “A”

These things go out as fast as they come in.  Part of the reason is the demand is high and very few used ones available, virtually none around here.  We got this one out of Colorado.  Super clean and super nice, typical YAMAHA.  People take great care of them.  180HP does a great job for skiing, acceleration and top speed.  A skier has to hang on tight or the rope is coming out of their hand.

If you don’t want to spend outrageous money on a new one, buy this one.  It’s just like new and your neighbors would never know the difference.  Call 830 865 3251 or email sales@rpmsports.com.  We’ve checked it out thoroughly and its perfect.

Model: Yamaha AR190
Year:  2016
Length: 19 Ft
Category: Jet
Class: Ski/Wakeboard
Hull: Fiberglass

Rated: Class A