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IF YOU WANT A LONG LASTING RUSH LOOK NO FURTHER!  I just took on the dealership because they are such awesome boats.  Great design, smooth riding, and POWER...did I spell that right?  Oh yes, POWER!  This boat can get up on plane and cut through the wake like no other.   

RPMSPORTS has just become RPM BOAT’S newest dealer located on beautiful Lake McQueeney in Texas.  RPM SPORT’S desire to sell high quality boats combined with RPM’S desire to build high quality boats makes this a great relationship for you as a demanding high quality buyer.

There has never been a RPM boat that ran slower than 100 MPH.  That’s because all RPM BOATS are tunnel cat designed.  The faster they go, the smoother the ride.  It’s due to the air cushion that the tunnels create taking air in and compressing it causing lift to the hull reducing drag and smoothing out the water.  This exact same hull design is used in ocean racing at speeds over 200 MPH for a 40 to 50 ft.  Your drink will stay on the dash on a lake of two foot chop.  RPM comes in a 21 ft., 22 ft., 25 ft., and the awesome 30 ft.  Each boat is designed to fulfill your power requests, Inboard, Outboard, I/O, Jet, V-Drive along with any and all customization such as colors, schemes, instruments, upholstery colors, and all other bolt on options.  You pick the size boat you want, RPM builds it and we put it together for you like you want it, that's the beauty of this boat.  TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED JUST FOR YOU!

Any color, any power, any anything!  Just say what you want and we’ll do it.  I can build one for you today.  Give me a call to discuss what you want or are looking for in a performance boat (versatile enough to ski behind).  What more can you ask for?  Look great while going fast across the water or even sitting still and fun for the family!  Win, Win!  Just call me! 

RPMSPORTS offers unbeatable finance.  A smart buyer shops financing rates, terms and payment.  What always happens is they come to me and say “You are right, yours is the best”.  So good, how about a 100% as long as you have great credit.  


Nowhere but RPMSPORTS can you get the excellence that we offer. For example, all of our used boats carry a one year warranty.  NOBODY OFFERS WARRANTIES ON A USED BOAT.....ONLY RPMSPORTS.  That’s a promise!  The fact that RPM BOATS are built so well, RPMSPORTS extends 3 year hull warranty to 4 years.  That’s how much we trust the quality of any RPM boat we sell.  Give us a call or email us if you want the very best and we will make sure you get the very best.

Call 830-865-3251 or email pat@rpmsports.com